Monday, December 8, 2014

SSC CGL Interview Experience - 2011 (Allahabad Region)

I was called at 8 am reached 15 minutes late. First we were given a new form and two paras to be written in our own handwriting .One was in Eng Other was in Hindi. Then Sign 10 Times in Eng and Hindi too ( 20 times )

Then they checked the Docs and we were asked to submit the Options form You can give a new one and that will be considered.

at 11:30 My no came. I was 4th in Panel 2 ( there were three panels), In my panel one Old person one lady and one pahadi or Nepali guy ( was looking quite young).

The old man read out my Biodata form and asked about the German Course I did from IIT,Kanpur. Then came to PGDM and lady came into action and claimed that it is not equivalent to MBA I tried to explain but old man asked very politely to aldy to leave it .Then as obvious they asked why this job( ssc ) after these courses I explained my reasons.

Then he read out my B,Sc. and thought that I am the student of Physics ( as I wrote PCM in biodata . Then he asked me what is that recent experiment that is contradicting the Basic principle of Physics I said gangbang theory ( I meant to BIGBANG ) my Bad.Then the Nepali guy started laughing and ,I realized my Blunder there.

Then the oldman started About einstien's basic rule I answered.
Nepali guy asked the Doppler effect and big bang..
Then I told them that I have maths as my main subject and told them that I have been working with TUTORVISTA.COM as offshore maths faculty and tutoring US students Maths..

Then everyone in panel was curious about this and they directly asked to tell everything about it and Interview was going for like 20 minutes on discussing this strange and New( for them ) thing...
Then they asked some questions from GK like how many sates and UT are there I answered.

Then Importance Suez canal and few more on the same. ( Importance I told but which seas are connected i didn't...

Then seven sisters states ( answered)
Which are coastal states ( answered but left Karnataka )
Which states adjoin their border with Myanmar) some correct some wrong...

Then lady asked Globalization and In the end Old man asked about Anna what is his movement and where he hails from ( Answered )

The End.........

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