Monday, December 8, 2014

SSC CGL Interview Experience - 2011( Delhi Region)

I gave my interview  in group 3(delhi). 4 people were there to take intrviw. I think they were in some kind of hurry . 15 min me interview khatam kr rahe the. bahut limited ques pooche. didnt even ask me to introduce myself, no ques on hobby.
1) what is the diff between human resource and human capital.
I answered.

2) what is marketing.
when i was answering his phone rang and he went out. Now comes the second sir.

3) What is archemidis principle?
I answered

4) what are the three laws of motion?
I explained all the three.

5) what is the effect on pressure if we go on mountain?
Then a long discussion on pressure and temperature relatinship.Perheps because i failed to answer the last thing properly. he smiled n explained it to me..

then comes the third person.

6) how does a microwave oven work?
ans sorry sir no idea . i never used a microwave

7) what is cholestrol?
I could not ans it properly..

8) what are the nutrients present in our food.
I answered it corectly.

Then comes the chairman of the board
9) name women CMs in india.
I answered with the name of their parties..

10) how many members are there in permanent n non permanent members of security council?
i answered corectly.

11) name of all the 5 permanent menbers.
I named them all.
12) who chose the non permanent members?
i answered it corectly

13) what are the sources of energy in india?
I said coal , petrol, nuclear energy, solar energy. but i forgot hydro power.
then a discusion on hydro power.

14) what are renewable and non renewable sources of energy?
i answered it corectly.

15) Is nuclear power a renewable or non renewable source?
I said non renewable which is correct.

16) who has been defeated by jaylalita?
 i answered it as well..

here ended the interview. i was very confident during the entire process. but was very disappointed as i was expecting much more discussion . they didn't even ask any current issue. and not even asked about hobby etc etc..

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