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Notes on Lok Sabha ( People's House )

Lok Sabha ( People's House )
  • The Lok Sabha is the Lower House of the Parliament and its first sitting took place on May 13, 1952. The current Lok Sabha is the 16th Constituted Lok Sabha.
  • Three Sessions of the Lok Sabha are held every year, namely -Budget Session (February to May); Monsoon Session(July to September); and Winter Session (November to December).
  • Members 530 from States, 20 from Union Territories and 2 nominated by the President, from the Anglo Indian Community.
  • Election - The representatives of the states are directly elected by the people of the states on the basis of adult suffrage. In case of Sikkim, however, its stole representative in the House of the people is elected by the member of its Legislative Assembly[Article 371 F(e)].
  • Bills - Bills may be classified as Ordinary, Money, Financial and Constitutional Amendments.

  • The Ordinary Bills can be introduced in either House of the Parliament but Money Bill can be initiated only in the House of the people.
  • Qualifications -After a money bill has been passed by the Lok Sabha, it is sent to the Rajya Sabha for deliberations. The Rajya Sabha is given 14 days to make recommendations which can be accepted or not by the Lok Sabha. Article 111 stipulates that a Money Bill cannot be returned to the House by the President for reconsideration.
Article 84 provides for the eligibility for membership of the Parliament. The conditions are:
  1. citizen of India
  2. at least 25 years of age for the Lok Sabha and 30 years of age for the Rajya Sabha; and
  3. possess such other qualifications as may be prescribed by the Parliament.
Speaker of the Lok Sabha
  • As soon as a new Lok Sabha is constituted, the President appoints a Speaker Pro-tem, who is generally the senior most member of the House. A Deputy Speaker is also elected to officiate in the absence of the Speaker(Article 93).

::Important Points::

G.V Mavalankar was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha (1952 - 1956 )

  • MA Ayyangar was the first Deputy Speaker (1952 -1956)
  • Dr Balram Jakhar was the longest serving speaker (1980 - 1989).
  • GMC Balyogi is the first Speaker to die in the Office(1998-2002)
  • Meera Kumar was the first woman speaker of the Lok Sabha

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