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Notes on Haryanaka Dynasty( 544 BC - 412 BC) for SSC Exams

Bimbisara(Shronika) : 544 BC - 492 BC

  • He was the founder of Haryanka Dynasty.
  • Magadha came into prominence under the leadership of Bimbisara.
  • He was a contemporary of Gautama Buddha.
  • He married the princesses of Kosala(Kosaldevi / Mahakalasoka -sister of Kosal King Prasenjit), Lichchhavi(Chellana - sister of Lichchhavi Head Chetaka) and Madra(Khema - daughter of Madra King), which helped him in his expansionist policy.
  • He gained a part of Kashi as the Dowry in his marriage with the sister of king Prasenjit of Kosala.
  • He conquered Anga.
  • He sent a royal physician, Jivaka to Ujjain, when Avanti King Pradyota was attacked by Jaundice.
  • Known as Seniya. He was the first Indian King who had a regular and standing army. 
  • He built the city of New Rajagriha.
Ajatashatru( Kunika) : 492 BC - 460 BC
  • Bimbisara was succeeded by his son Ajatashatru. Ajatashatru killed his father and seized the throne.
  • Ajatashatru followed a more aggressive policy. He gained complete control over Kashi and broke the earlier amicable relations by attacking his maternal uncle Prasenjit, the king of Kosala.
  • The Vajji confederation was Ajatashatru's next target of attack. This war was a lengthy one and tradition tells us that after a long period of 16 years, he was able to defeat the Vajji only through deceit, by sowing the seeds of discord amongst the people of Vajji.
  • The three things who played important role to defeat the Vajji- (i) Sunidha and Vatsakar - Ajatashatru's diplomatic ministers, who sowed the seeds of discord amongs Vajjis (ii) Rathamusala - a kind of chariot to which a mace was attached (iii) Mahashilakantaka - a war engine which catapulated big stones.
  • In this way Kashi and Vaishali(the capital of Vajji) were added to Magadha, making it the most powerful territorial power in the Ganges Valley.
  • He built the fort of Rajagriha and a watch-fort (Jaladurga) at a village called Patali, on the banks of the Ganges.
Udayin: 460 BC - 440 BC
  • Ajatshatru was succeeded by his son Udayin.
  • His reign is important because he laid the foundations of the city of Pataliputra at the confluence of the Son and the Ganges and shifted the capital from Rajagriha to Patliputra.
  • Udayin was succeeded by Anuruddha , Munda and  Naga-Dasak respectively who all were weak and parricides.

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