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How to fill Post Preferences in SSC CGL- A Detailed Guide?

Brief Overview of Different Posts under SSC CGL

How to fill Post Preferences in SSC CGL- A Detailed Guide?
1. Assistant in CSS:- This is one of the most prestigious jobs of India. There is no transfer in this job. the promotion goes to the under secretary.

2. Inspector (Examiner):  It is also a very charming post. The newly inspector of Examiner is posted at the different ports basically in Inland container depot in the country. The work of this officer is to examine documents, quantity and description of different imported goods.

It is also one of the most sought after posts and hence merit for this post crosses 500 marks.

Promotion: To the post of (Assist. Commissioner)

3.  Inspector (Preventive Officer)The work of newly preventive officer is to supervise against smuggling goods having gone with officers/ constables of Indian Navy at different places around the coastal areas.

4. Inspector of income Tax: The works of these officers are different according to their posting like; to investigate Tax Evaders, to go on raids etc. The Promotion goes to deputy director if the candidate is selected at a very young age.

5. Inspector of Posts: These officers are posted in different post offices of the country. The work of these officers is to check and sign important papers. The Promotion of these officers goes upto the Deputy / Joint Commissioner.

6.  Divisional Accountant The work of this officer is to keep or check financial accounts in the particular offices. The final promotion goes to the Gazzeted officers.

7.  Inspector of Central Bureau of Narcotics:  This police officer investigates the illegal trade in drugs in different parts of the Country.

8. Assistant Enforcement officer: The work of this officer is to check money laundering. All Hawala Cases come under this department.

9.  Auditors ( in offices under C & AG, CGDA, CGA and others.):  The main work of this employee is to examine of business and financial records to see that they are true and correct in the favor of the country. The Promotion of this employee goes ahead of the section officer.

10. Accountant (junior/ senior):-  The selected candidates are posted as Junior or Senior Accountant according to state wise preference somewhere in the country. The nature of the job is to pass the Bill after verification of required documents.

11.  Tax Assistant: The work of this employee is the same as that of clerk in different offices of Income Tax Depts.

 Some notes on various postunder SSC CGL 

1. Fast Promotion in CSS, MEA, AEO
2. Slow promotion in Ministry of Railway
3. MEA (good white income), posting opportunity in foreign but beware it may be to Libya, Afghanistan etc too.
4. CPT Requirement for CSS, Clerical Work
5. Excise is big Dept., goes to everywhere, powerful
6. Examiner P.O. (Only coastal areas), powerful
7. DA (Divisional Accountant), very powerful, no work load
8. Inspector of Post: - Work in post offices, last Preference among in 4200 GP
9. CBI: Too much work load, Hectic routine, can pressure, arrest anyone without any evidence.

Preferences for posts according to choices:

Instructions:  Candidates are suggested not to leave any blank blocks of Preference of posts just because of their merit. There is some up and down in the merits according to the number of posts in different states. Also it depends entirely on the mindset of the candidates as to what he wants -

  • No transferable job
  • Social states
  • Power

Guidelines To Preferences

(A) If you want to be in Delhi but also not reluctant if something good comes:

1. Asst. CSS
3. Inspector Income tax
4. Inspector Customs
5. Inspector Narcotics
6. ASST. Railways
8. Rest of the preferences as per pay scale

(B) If you are looking for social status:

1. Inspector Income tax
2. Inspector Custom
3. Inspector Narcotics
4. Examiner
5. Preventive Officer
6. Asst. CSS
8. Rest of the preferencesas per pay scale

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