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Common English Words that can Confuse You : Part 1

Common English Words that can Confuse You : Part 1

Can and may
Can: able to:
  • I certainly can help you
May: Indicating possibility
  • You may see her.
  • May I help you? (permission)
Each other and one another
Each other: 2 involved
  • The two boxers hit each other.
One another: More than one
  • All the cousins greeted one another
Fewer and less
Fewer: something you can
  • There are fewer dogs than there were last week.
Less: indicating quantity
(can‟t count)
  • There is less water in the river than last week.
Hear and here
Hear: Listening
  • I hear the music
Here: in this place
  • I live here.
Its and it‟s
Its: Showing possession
  • The dog wags its tail
It‟s: Contraction: It is
  • It‟s cold today.
Loose and lose
Loose: Not tight
  • It was caused by a loose wire.
Lose: Don‟t know where to
find it
  • We might lose the keys here.
Passed and past
Passed: Past tense verb of
  • Yesterday I passed the school.
Past: Preposition
  • I walked past a church
Noun: It happened in thepast.
Quiet and quite
Quiet: not loud
  • His voice is very quiet.
Quite: Meaning “fairly:
  • She is quite pretty.
There and their
There: In that place
  • She lives over there.
Their: belonging to them
  • It is their car.
To and too
To: Preposition
  • I went to town
Too: Also
  • You too could win thisgame.
Whose and who‟s
Whose: Belonging to whom
  • Ask them whose shoe it is.
Who‟s: Contraction, meaning
“who is”
  • She is the one who‟s
so talented.
Were and where
Were: Past tense of “are”
  • They were very sick last week.
Where: In what place
  • Where did you hide the book?
Your and you‟re
Your: belonging to you
  • This is your towel.
You‟re: Contraction meaning
“you are”
  • You‟re the one I want
for this job.

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