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Biology: Important Facts for SSC Exams

Biology: Important Facts for SSC Exams
  • Largest and Heaviest Mammal : Blue Whale
  • Largest Land Mammal : African Elephant
  • Largest Living reptile : Sea Turtle (Tortoise)
  • Largest Living Bird : Ostrich
  • Largest Snake : Python
  • Largest Monkey : Gorilla
  • Smallest Bird : Humming Bird
  • Smallest Mammal : Shrew
  • Largest Egg : Ostrich's Egg
  • Fastest Animal : Cheetah (Panther)
  • Fastest Flying Bird : Spine Tailed Swift
  • Egg lying mammal : Echidna and Duckbiled Platypus
  • Tallest Mammal : Giraffe( Africa )
  • Busiest human organ : Heart
  • The study of dreams is called Oneirology
  • The study of the beauty of human is called Kalology
  • The strongest part of the human body is the enamel of teeth.
  • The sex determination of human depends on male chromosomes not on female chromosomes.
  • The fastest nervous speed is 532 kmph
  • The internal area of the lungs of human is 93 Sq.m which is forty times of the external area of the body.
  • Inside the body approximately 150 lakh cells are destroyed every second.
  • The weight of the uterus of the woman who has not given birth to a child is 50 grams and after giving birth to a child the weight becomes 100 grams.
  • The weight of the kidney is approximately 150 grams.
  • In a single inhaling, a normal adult takes 500 ml air inside the body.
  • The capacity of the heart to pump the blood is 4.5 litres per minute.
  • The length of the small intestine is approximately 7 meter and its diameter is 2.5 centimeter.
  • The blood circulation inside the body takes approximately 23 seconds.
  • The heart beat of the child is more than that of an adult.
  • There are approcimately 50 lakhs hair in the body of human.
  • A single respiration completes in 5 seconds i.e 2 seconds of inspiration and 3 seconds of expiration.

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