Saturday, November 15, 2014

Must follow Tips for Cracking SSC Exams that students Normally Avoid

Out of every 100 students who appear in SSC Exams, only 30 get success.Do you know why? It's only because rest of candidates follow poor strategy. Today, we are providing some common tips which you should follow.

Tips-1 : Beware of irrelevant notes, Guides ,Making  Tall Claims 
As the dates for an examination is announced, there is a flood of books, guides which claim to provide guaranteed success but in advertisement only, not in practice. A lot of unawared aspirants are misguided and as a result their career is destroyed. Hence, it is always better to read from authentic books of standard publication or well known writer than such notes and guides which are compiled or written for a particular examination. As experience suggests, in most cases these are badly copied version of other the standard books or some other notes with a lot of errors, mistakes and inconsistencies. These fake books never form a career, but deform it.
Therefore be cautious while procuring books. Always compare books and then select the best. In this regard, Kiran Prakashan has been doing quite a commendable job for years by publishing books after systematic workshops and intensive researches. If you are preparing only for SSC exams, you can rely on the books published by Kiran Prakashan.

Tips-2 : Never Read Too Many Books
Some students are in the habit of reading books of different writers and publications. They think it will be of great utility. But they are mistaken. Always read authentic book of a good writer which contains full syllabus and good number of solved examples with exercises. It is always beneficial to read a book again and again rather than reading different books less frequently. Such practice gives birth to confusion. Therefore, read selective books with thorough approach in mind.

Tips-3: Never Try to Read Mathematics
It is always advisable that Mathematics should never be read. Certainly read the theoretical concepts, but always solve the examples. On looking at an example, it seems that it can be solved. But in practice it is not seen so. It means start mathematics with pen and paper. Look at every step of solved examples of each chapter and try to solve them yourself.

Tip-4:  Tukka doesn't work at All so don't try it
There is a simple funda," If you are familiar with question, attempt it otherwise leave it". Students normally try different Tukka tactics like - counting on fingers, tossing of coins etc. Please note that, these kind of tactics doesn't work at all. Instead of getting marks, you will lose marks.

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