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List of Sikh Gurus and their Achievements : Important for SSC CGL & CHSL

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Keeping the new pattern of SSC CGL Exam in mind, General Awareness section is quite important for scoring good marks. Now, You can't think of Ignoring it. 

In this post, We are providing you a List of Sikh Gurus and their Achievements. Questions are often asked from this topic . So, Just check this post and you would be able to answer most of the questions related to Sikh Gurus.

Sikh Gurus
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Activities and Achievements
  • Guru Nanak(1469- 1539) - Founded Sikh Religion. His teachings are composed in Adi Granth or Granth Sahib.
  • Guru Angad(1538-1552) - Invented a new script called "Guru-Mukhi".
  • Guru Amardas(1552-1574) -Started the Langar or Community Kichen. Led struggle against Sati and Purdah System.
  • Guru Ramdas(1574-1581) - Founded Amritsar in 1577 on the land granted by Akbar.
  • Guru Arjun Dev(1581-1606)  - Founded the Swarna Mandir or Golden Temple at Amritsar. Composed Adi Granth in 1604. Executed by Jehangir on charges of helping prince Khusrau with money and Prayer.
  • Guru Hargovind(1606-1645)- Transformed the Sikh into a millitant community. Established Akal Takht and fortified Amritsar.He called himself "Sachcha Badshah"
  • Guru Har Rai(1645-1661)
  • Guru Har Kishan(1661-1664)
  • Guru Teg Bahadur(1664-1675)- He was executed at Delhi by Aurangazeb for not embracing islam. .
  • Guru Govind Singh(1675-1708)- He founded the Khalsa in 1699. Introduced a new rite "Pahul". He made his headquarter at Makhowal or Anandpur. He compilled a supplementary Granth. He joined Bahadur Shah's camp as a noble.

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