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Tips for Solving Sentence Improvement Questions in English

Sentence Improvement
Sentence Improvement questions test the candidates ability to identify error in a part of a sentence. One part of a sentence is underlined or bolded. Four options follow the question. The candidate has to select the answer that produces the most effective and grammatically correct sentence.

Following steps should be taken while answering the sentence improvement questions:
  1. Read the entire sentence, but pay special attention to the underlined or bold portion because this is the part of sentence you have to evaluate.
  2. Keep in mind the part of sentence that is not underlined or bold. This portion is correct and remains the same.
  3. From the options decide which of the versions seems best. If you are having trouble deciding which version is best, go back and read each in the context of the entire sentence.
  4. Try to choose a version(Option) that demonstrates a clear and logical connection with any clauses within the sentence

Practice Questions
Directions: In the following questions, choose the alternative which is an improvement upon the bold part. If none of the three alternatives(a,b,c) improves the sentence, your answer would be d.

(1) He did many mischief
  • (a) made many a mischiefs
  • (b) made much mischief
  • (c) committed many mischiefs
  • (d) No improvement

(2) I would gladly accompany your sister if you had asked me
  • (a) would have gladly accompanied
  • (b) was to have gladly accompanied
  • (c) will gladly accompany
  • (d) No Improvement

(3) What are  needed are not large houses but small cottages
  • (a) were
  • (b) was
  • (c) is
  • (d) No Improvement

(4) Sumit would have been looked  smart in traditional clothes
  • (a) was looked
  • (b) would be looked
  • (c) would have looked
  • (d) No Improvement

(5) The main point of his speech  was well understood
  • (a) that he spoke
  • (b) in the speech of his
  • (c) made when he spoke
  • (d) No Improvement

(1) C
(2) A
(3) C
(4) C
(5) D

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