Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SSC Conducting Survey on On-Line Exam of CGL 2015. Participate in it

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Staff Selection Commission has recently started a survey on "Whether to conduct SSC CGL 2015 On-line or not?.".It's certainly a great opportunity for students to raise their voice against or in favour of Online exam. SSC is conducting this survey after the mishap that happened in SSC CGL 2013.There are some advantage and some disadvantage of on-line exam.

Advantages of On-line Exam
  1. Cost Effective -On-line exam reduces the cost of conducting an exam to a great extent because you don't pay the cost of printing or distribution expenses for question papers. In addition to this, No transport facilities are needed which save cost further.
  2. Secure Exam - On-line exam maintain confidentiality and avoid the chances of paper leaks. In case of On-line exam, questions are changed at the last minute by pulling questions from the Question Banks so it's almots impossible to tell, which question will come and which won't. Randomization of questions ensures that no two examinees will see the same question at the same time. Another benefit is, "No data loss even in case of power or internet failure".
  3. Easy to Reach Everywhere - To conduct an offline exam, it's necessary to send question papers to different geographical locations which increase the chances of paper leak. This is not the case with online examination.For conducting an online exam, you just need a computer, power and  working internet. In On-line exam, Panel of question setters and examiners can be independent of geographical location.
  4. User Convenience- Online exam can be conducted at any time(24 x 7 availability) so user can take exams as per their convenience. 
  5. Time Saving and Quick - In offline exam, students complain that they give their 20 minute for filling the bubbles. In case of online exam, you don't need to fill the bubble. Results can be generated after a few minute of exam as well which means its quick.
  6. Environment Friendly - It Save paper so go green and save the environment.

Disadvantages of On-Line Exam
  1. Manual Calculation can be Difficult to Manage - Many student believe that, it's much easier to calculate on hard copy after seeing question in offline question paper rather than calculating on paper after seeing questions on computer.
  2. Lack of Computer Knowledge -India is a developing country. Use of computers and internet are increasing day by day but still, so many students still don't know much about computers which can make it difficult for them to handle real life on-line exam.
  3. The system will not be transparent as it is now. 
  4. You won't be able to bring questions to your home and later on discuss with your friends.
  5. Scrolling problem are faced by many students during online exam.
  6. Good infrastructure is required to conduct online exam.

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