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Sentence Completion Questions in English- How to Solve them?

Sentence Completion
To answer the sentence-completion questions successfully, you must understand relationship among parts of a sentence as well as understand and know the meanings of the keywords. A sentence completion question consists of a sentence from which one or two words have been deleted. You must choose the lettered word or set of words that complete the meaning of the sentence most logically.

 For example-
'Although Spalding__________ the importance of the physical necessities of life, her most successful endeavor was the_________ of the condition of the impoverished'. 
(a) deprecated ---------alleviation
(b) emphasized--------investigation
(d) epitomized---------delineation

Answer to the sample question is  (a)

Your knowledge of vocabulary should help you choose the word or words that are suitable for the context of a given sentence-completion question.Additionally, the item itself provides clues in the form of key words, specific examples or an overall logic.

Use these Strategies to Answer Sentence Completion Questions
  1. Read the incomplete sentence carefully, noting any key words that show relationship. For example, contrasting ideas may be indicated by but, although and however and another, and the same as indicate similarity, cause and effect. Relationship may be signated by therefore, as a result, consequently or because.In the example although indicates a contrasting relationship
  2. Try each choice in the sentence, eliminating those that are non-sensical or grammatically incorrect.
  3. Think the relationship through to be sure that both words fit into the sentence logically. Some choices may contain one word that fits well but a second word is answer (c) makes sense, but the first word does not. Do not let choices of this kind fool you.
  4. Grammar may provide clues. Decide what part of speech the answer should be. For example- if a verb is required, what should the verb tense be?

Practice Questions
Direction: Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

(1) Mounting unemployment is the most serious and _________problem faced by india today.
  • (a) dubious
  • (b) profound
  • (c) unpopular
  • (d) intractable
(2) Automobile manufacturers are reviving up to launch a campaign designed to increase consumer_________about the new emmission control.
  • (a) production
  • (b) education
  • (c) capacity
  • (d) awareness
(3) His logic_________everyone, including the experts 
  • (a) teased
  • (b) defied
  • (c) surprised
  • (d) confounded
(4)It is not fair to cast_________on honest and innocent persons
  • (a) aspiration
  • (b) aspersions
  • (c) inspiration
  • (d) adulation
(5) you must__________your career with all seriousness.
  • (a) direct
  • (b)complete
  • (c) follow
  • (d) pursue

(1) D
(2) D
(3) C
(4) B
(5) D

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