Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scientific Names of Some Important Organisms for SSC Exams

Binomial Nomenclature : There was the need of uniform international naming of organism. In biology, every organism is given two proper names. The first name is genus name always started with Capital letter and the second name is species started with small letter. For example- Scientific name of human is Homo Sapiens. Homo is the name of genus, whose one species is sapiens.

Scientific Names of Some Organisms
  1. Man  - Homo Sapiens
  2. Cat - Felis domestica
  3. Frog - Rana tigrina
  4. Dog - Canis familaris
  5. Cow - Bos Indicus
  6. Mango - Mangifera indica
  7. Wheat - Triticum aestivum
  8. Gram - Cicer arietinum
  9. Houseful - Musca domestica
  10. Rice - Oryza sativa
  11. Pea - Pisum sativum
  12. Mustard - Brassica campestris

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