Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prepositions that Follow Certain Words - Part 2

Prepositions that Follow Certain Words 

(1) With
Following words are usually followed by With
Nouns : acquaintance, alliance, bargain, comparison, enmity, intimacy, relation.

Adjectives and Participles :acquainted, busy, consistent, contented, contrasted, delighted, disgusted, endowed, fatigued, fired, gifted, inspired, popular, satisfied.

Verbs: agree, bear, compare, clash, cope, compete, coincide, comply, confer, condole, correspond, cover, credit, deal, disagree, dispense, discuss, do, entrust, fill, go, grapple, interfere, meddle, part, play, quarrel, side, sympathise, threaten, trifle, vie, write, wipe, work.

(2) Of
Following words are usually followed by Of
Nouns : age, distrust, experience, fear, knowledge, need, necessaries, neglect, opinion, proof, sense, victim, view, use, want.

Adjectives :afraid, ashamed, aware, bare, capable, confident, careful, convinced, conscious, deprived, devoid, dull, envious, fond, full, guilty, hopeful,ignorant, innocent, kind, jealous, made, proud, short, sure, tired, worthy.

Verbs: accuse, acquit, approve, beware, boast, complain, convict, deprive, dispose, dream, make, remind, repent, smell, think.

(3) At
Following words are usually followed by At

Adjectives and Participles :amazed, amused, astonished, annoyed, clever, good, quick, slow, surprised.

Verbs: aim, arrive, blush, call, catch, gaze, glance, fire, jump, knock, laugh, look , smile, store, wonder

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