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Prepositions that Follow Certain Words - Part 1

Prepositions that Follow Certain Words

(1) For
Following words are usually followed by for
Nouns : Ambition, Affection, apology, anxiety, blame, candidate, capacity, compensation, desire, esteem, fondness, guarantee, match, need, opportunity, passion, reputation.

Adjectives :Anxious, conspicuous, designed, eager, eligible, eminent, fit, grateful, prepared, qualified, ready, sorry, sufficient, useful.

Verbs: Canvass, care, hope, mourn, search, stipulate , wish.

(2) To
Following words are usually followed by To
Nouns : access, approach, assent, attention, dislike, disgrace, indifference, invitation, key, leniency, likeness, limit, obedience, obstruction, opposition, preface, reference, succession, temptation.

Adjectives and Participles :acceptable, accustomed, addicted, adequate, adjacent, affectionate, alien, alive, applicable, comparable, appropriate, contrary, deaf, devoted, disastrous, due, entitled, equal, essential, faithful, fatal, liable, obedient, obliged, opposite, painful, prior, reduced, sensitive, true.

Verbs: accede, apologise, appoint, aspire, attend, belong conform, lead, listen, object, occur, prefer, refer, yield.

'Ior' Words: words ending with 'ior'(senior, junior, prior, superior etc) usually take to as preposition.

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