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Indian Constitution and its Sources

Indian Constitution and its Sources

  • The constitution of India was framed by a constituent Assembly set up under the cabinet mission plan 1946.
  • Its first meeting was held on 9th Dec 1946 and Dr Sachchidanand Sinha was the Provisional President of this.
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected as the permanent president of constituent Assembly held on 11th Dec 1946.
  • The member of Constituent Assembly appended their signature to the constitution on 24th Jan 1950.
  • Some part of the Constitution came into force from 26th Nov, 1949. Though, the complete came into force from 26th Jan 1950.
Indian Constitution: Its Sources

Constitution of USA
  •            Fundamental Rights
  •            Indirect election of President
  •            Independence of Judiciary
  •           Judicial Review

Constitution of Britain
  •            The Parliamentary System
  •            The election Procedure
  •            Single Citizenship
  •            The Law Making Procedure

Constitution of Ireland
  •            Directive Principles of state policy
  •            Nomination of Members of Rajya Sabha

Constitution of Australia
  •            Concurrent List

Constitution of Canada
  •            The Federal system with strong Centre

Constitution of Germany
  •            Suspension of fundamental rights during emergency

Constitution of France
  •         Republic

Constitution of Japan
  •           Procedures Established by Law

Constitution of former USSR
  •            Fundamental Duties

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