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FAQ and Last Hour Tips for SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam

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SSC CGL Tier-2 exam is just few days away. It will be conducted on 11th and 12th April 2015. Today, we are posting some FAQ and Last hour tips for you so that you can perform better in the exam.

FAQ and Last Hour Tips for SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam

(1) Filling Oval takes too much time. How to save my time during exam?
Actually, students follow two approaches to fill ovals, one to fill it question by question and other to fill it after attempting all the questions. According to us, the first approach is time consuming while the other is more feasible to make mistakes. We therefore suggest you to follow a middle approach i.e "Fill ovals after completing every 10-15 questions". 

(2) How do i Attempt Maths Questions in Tier-2 Exam?
During Exam, every student feels that he/she know how to solve each and every question but the key is,  how to solve these question in 2 hours. Attempt only those question in which you are confident enough. We suggest you to start with Data Interpretation questions. Once done, jump on questions of Advanced Mathematics which are less time consuming. But again, this approach depends on- which is your stronger part.

(3) How to Attempt English Questions in Tier-2 Exams?
The strategy remains the same which means, focus on solving questions in which you are strong and confident. Normally, students start with "Comprehension" section. We don't recommend this approach. We suggest you to start with finding errors. The order of attempting questions should in following manner: Error Findings, Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms and phrases, One word Substitution, Direct-Indirect speech, Active Passive, Comprehension and Sentence Rearrangement.

(4)What to do in the time interval of 2 hours after first exam(Maths)?
After Maths exam, you get 2 hours. Many students waste their time in tension after their poor show. This is not the best approach. Instead of discussing Maths questions in these 2 hours, focus on revising your english topics like One word substitution, Idioms and phrases etc.

(5) Is whitener Allowed in Exam?
Yes, Whitener is allowed. It's official news(SSC has already posted notice in its official website), so don't take tension.

(6)Now only 10 to 15 days are left. How to prepare Now?
Now when only 10 to 15 days are left for exam, don't go for any new topic. Try to solve Mock Test and Previous Year Papers. We recommend you the practice book of "Kiran Prakashan". Check how much you are getting and what topics are creating problem for you. Again, Patience is the key as you can't complete whole syllabus of SSC Tier-2 in just 10 days. Practice topics in which you are too strong and can't lose marks. Time management is extremely important so try to solve questions quickly. At the end, we advise you to brush up your basic concepts.

If you still have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask us via comments. We will clear your doubts!!!!

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