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Vocabulary Shortcut Tricks- Easiest way to learn Vocabulary

Vocab Tricks

Vocabulary Shortcut Tricks- Easiest way to learn Vocabulary


  • English Meaning - A rest from work or a hiatus, often lasting from two months to a year. Subbaticals are often taken by professors, cartoonists , musicians, programmers and cartoonists.
  • Hindi Meaning -  विश्राम का
  • Usage - She was given 6 years for sabbatical in Italy.
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this wordसब बात कल है आज sabbatical  है

(2) SABOTEUR (Noun) 

  • English Meaning - A person who does deliberate damage to sth to prevent an eney from using it, or to protest about sth. Suboteurs blew up a small section of tracks.
  • Hindi Meaning - तोड़ फोड़ करने वाला
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this Worldसब तोड़ने वाला Sabo teur


  • English Meaning - (of people or things) too emotional in a way that seems exaggerated, too sweet or too polite. Saccharine love songs, syrupy etc
  • Hindi Meaning - शक्कर संबंधी, मीठी, मधुर
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this World - शक्कर जिसके IN मे SAcchaai है वो Saccharine है.

(4) SACRILEGE (Noun) 

  • English Meaning - an act of treating a holy thing or place without respect. 
  • Hindi Meaning - पवित्र वस्तुओ का अनादर करना
  • Usage - Hindu consider it sacrilege to wear shows inside a temple
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this World - शक करते है Religious चीज़ो पे इसलिए Sacrilege करते है


  • English Meaning - Thought to be too important or too special to be changed.
  • Hindi Meaning - बहुत ज़रूरी काम जो बदला ना सके, अतिपवित्र
  • Usage - I am willing to help on any week day but i'm afraid my weekends are sacrosanct.
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this World - India के Sacro Sant लोग तो Sacrosanct है, बदल नही सकते

(6) SADISTIC (Noun) 

  • English Meaning - A sadistic person obtains pleasure from hurting other people and making them suffer physically or mentally.
  • Hindi Meaning -  निर्दयतापूर्वक
  • Usage -The prisoners noted against mistreatment by sadistic guards
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this World - दूसरो को stic से मार के sad करता है

(7) SAGA (Noun) 

  • English Meaning - A long story about events over a period of many years.
  • Hindi Meaning -  गाथा, आख्यान, वीरगाथा
  • Usage -Grandma always sang the saga of Indian soldiers.
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this World - हम हमेशा दूसरो को सुनाते है Ramayan और Mahabharata की Saga

(8) SAGACIOUS (Adj) 

  • English Meaning - Having or showing understanding and the ability to make good judgments
  • Hindi Meaning -   विचक्षण, गंभीर
  • Usage -Narendra Modi is a Segacious leader
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this World - SAGA की क्वालिटी रखने वाले लोग हमेशा SAGACIOUS कहलाते है

(9) SALACIOUS (Adj) 

  • English Meaning - (of stories, pictures etc) encouraging sexual desire or containing too much sexual details
  • Hindi Meaning -   अश्लील
  • Usage -The newspapers once again filled their columns with salacious details.
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this World - आपका साला salacious है


  • English Meaning - Describes a place that is pleasant, clean and healthy to live in
  • Hindi Meaning -    स्वास्थ्यवर्धक
  • Usage -He doesn't live in a very Salubrious part of town...your salubrious lochside hotel
  • Shortcut Trick to Learn this World - SALU अपने BRO के साथ US मे SALUBRIOUS जगह मे रहती है

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