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List of Important Days and Date (National and International)

  1. 12th January ---  National Youth day (Birthday of Vivekananda).
  2. 15th January----   Army day.
  3. 24th Jan---  National Girl Child Day.
  4. 25th January--- National tourism day/ Voters day
  5. 30th January--- National Martyrs day & World anti Leprosy Day
  6. 4th Feb-----World Cancer Day.
  7. 28th Feb-----National science day
  8. 8th March----International women day
  9. 9th March----World Kidney day
  10. 15th March-----World Consumer rights day ,
  11. 20th March---World Sparrow Day & International Happiness Day.
  12. 21st March---World Forestry day
  13. 22nd March---World water day
  14. 23rd March---World Meteorological day
  15. 24th March---World T.B. day
  16. 2 April ----World Autism Awareness Day
  17. 7th April-----World Health day
  18. 21st April----Civil service day
  19. 22nd April----World Earth day
  20. 24th April---Panchayat Divas
  21. 1st May----International Labour day
  22. 3rd May ---World Press Freedom Day
  23. 11th May---National Technology day
  24. 21st May---Anti Terrorism day (Death day of Rajiv Gandhi)
  25. 31st May---Anti Tobacco day (No smoking day)
  26. 5th June---World Environment day
  27. 1st July---Doctors day
  28. 11th July---World population day
  29. 6th August---Hiroshima day
  30. 9th August---Nagasaki day
  31. 12th August---International youth day
  32. 29th August---National Sports day (Birthday of Dhyan Chand)
  33. 5th Sept ---Teachers day
  34. 8th Sept----World Literacy day
  35. 14th Sept----Hindi Divas
  36. 15th Sept----Engineers day
  37. 16th Sept----Ozone day
  38. 2nd  Oct----International Non‐violence day
  39. 8th  Oct----Air force day
  40. 9th  Oct----World post day
  41. 24th Oct----United nation day
  42. 17th Nov---Students day
  43. 18th Nov----Adults day
  44. 19th Nov----Citizens day
  45. 27th Nov----National law day
  46. 1st Dec----AIDS day
  47. 4thDec----Navy day
  48. 10thDec----Human Rights day
  49. 14th Dec----National Energy Conservation Day.
  50. 24 Dec---- National Consumers Rights Day

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