Thursday, July 24, 2014

List of Important Idioms/Phrases for SSC Exams

  1. Cut the Gordian knot------------------To solve a problem boldly and decisively
  2. Fit of the blues--------------------a thinking of depression
  3. Cry for the moon ------------------- Ask for the impossible
  4. Cock and bull story ------------------ Made up story that one should not believe
  5. Cat and dog life -------------------- Life full of quarrels
  6. Like a cat on hot bricks --------------- Very nervous
  7. Alive and kicking ------------------Active and healthy
  8. At sea ----------------------------------Confused or lost
  9. To call a spade a spade ---------------To be frank and truthful
  10. To bell the cat -------------------------To face the risk
  11. A cold fish -----------------------------A person devoid of emotions
  12. To cross the Rubicon ----------------To take a decisive step
  13. Double-dealing----------------------Deceiving
  14. Not fit to hold a candle --------------Inferior
  15. Putting the cart before the horse--------doing a thing in the wrong way
  16. Castling pearls before swine--------------offering good things to underserving people
  17. A deadlock ----------------------------------A position when no progress can be made
  18. A daredevil ------------------------------A person who does not care for any consequences
  19. At a premium -------------------------------Difficult to get or obtain
  20. To die in harness -------------------------------To die while working
  21. To plough a lonely furrow ----------------To work without help or support
  22. A cock and bull story ---------------------------------An improbable excuse
  23. Rain cats and dogs ----------------------------------Rain heavily
  24. Hit the nail on the head --------------------------Do or say the exact thing
  25. Burn the midnight oil --------------------------Work or study hard
  26. With a high hand -------------------Oppressively
  27. Gain ground -------------------------Become popular
  28. To make a pig of oneself ---------------------To over-eat
  29. Donkey’s years ------------------------------A very long time
  30. Between the devil and the deep blue sea -----------Between two dangers
  31. To build castles in the air --------------------Make imaginary schemes
  32. A brown study ---------------------------------Dreaming
  33. Utopian scheme/idea----------------imaginary idea
  34. Getting into a row------------------Giving unwanted advice
  35. A small fry--------------------------Unimportant
  36. To play second fiddle--------------to be treated as less important as compared to others

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