Monday, July 29, 2013

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 3

To change the colour
To shift the allegations to
To cut the Gordian knot
to be victorious
To have one’s heart in one’s boots
To be deeply depressed
To strike one’s colours
To surrender
To cry wolf
To raise a false alarm
To give one’s ears
To listen carefully
To hang up one’s hat
To make oneself comfortable in another persons home
To get the hang of thing
To understand the meaning of it
To make a shot
To make a guess
A man of weight
A man of importance
In hurried disorder
To put one on one’s mettle
To rouse one to do one’s best
To ride hell for leather
To ride with furious speed
To speak daggers
To speak to a person with hostility
Be in the mire
Be in difficulties
To give a rap on the knuckles
To rebuke
Sum and substance
A drug in the market
Commodities no in demand
Moot point
A debatable point
Give a wide berth
Keep away from
Brought to light
Fits and stars
High and low
Intends and purposes
Rest on my laurels
Be complacent
Clinched the issue
Call a spade a spade
Be outspoken in language
Neck out
Invite trouble unnecessarily
Green eyes
Bird’s eye view
General view
Goes to dog
Is ruined
Keep a level head
Remain cool and composed
Turned the corner
Passed the crisis
Fishing in trouble water
Talking advantage of troubled conditions for personal profit
In high sprit
To rock the boat
Upset the balance
Tooth and nail
With strength and fury
Wee hours of the day
At dawn
Put the foot down
Not to yield
In the blues
On the wane
Growing less
Fair and square
Hole and corner method
Scream blue murder
Make a great deal of noise and object vehemently
Paint the town red
Have a lively time
Keep the finger crossing
Wait expectantly
At odds
In dispute
Make ducks and drakes
Squandered lavishly
No love lost
Intense dislike
Ride the high horse
Puts in airs
Pull a long face
Looks indifferent
Beside the mark
Fill in
To tell someone the details about someone or something

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