Monday, July 29, 2013

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 11

Make light of
Not to care of
Midas touch
A touch which turns anything into gold
A past master
An expert
Pyrrhic victory
Victory at a high cost
Quixotic project
Foolishly ideal
Rule the roost
To dominate
Spartan life
Life of ascetic
Shot in the arm
Spick and span
In order
Seamy side of the life
Immoral side of  society
Sow wild oats
Irresponsible  pleasure seeking
Throw a spanner
To be defeated
Take wind out of another’s sails
To gain advantage by anticipation
Under the rose
Up and doing
Well disposed to
Friendly or helpful to somebody
Whether one wishes or not
Window shopping
To look at the goods displayed but not for buying
Weal and woe
Joy and sorrow
Wide berth
Keep away
Wry face
Disappointed face
Yellow press
Newspaper publishing sensational news
Yeoman’s service
Excellent service
At back and call
At disposal
In the books off
In favour with
To run one down
To disparage someone
In character with
Found to be in keeping with
To get into a stew
To have an anxious state of mind
To go by
to be guided by
Put up with
Ran riot
Acted without restrained
Give in
Turn an honest penny
Make a legitimate living
Done for
On the level
Mentally compatible
Went to the winds
Burnt his boats
Left no means of retreat
Brought up
Criticised vehemently
Cut no ice with me
Had no influence with me
A sore point
Something which hurt
Out of thin air
Appear suddenly
Join the majority
To die
To go for the juggler
To make a destructive attack
Lead somebody to the alter
To marry somebody
The primrose path
The pursuit of pleasure
Odds and ends
Miscellaneous things
To champ at the bit
To be restlessly impatient
With a flea in one’ ear
To be rebuked
Pie in the sky
Event likely to happen
On the blink
Not in the working order
The worse for wear
Shabby from use
To borrow beat
To bully
Come a cropper
To fail
The lie of the land
Assessment of a  situation
Plain as pike staff
Very obvious

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