Monday, July 29, 2013

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 9

To keep the ball rolling
To maintain progress
To knock the bottom out
To make a scheme
To bear a grudge
To have a better felling
By virtue of
On account of
To beat hollow
To defeat completely
To the backbone
Thoroughly /in detail
A cat’s paw
To make somebody a tool
To come of age
To be major
To cry over a spilt milk
To reach a crisis
Fits and stars
Damocles’ sword
An impending danger
Cast down
To go without saying
In the nick of time
Just in the time
Jack of all trades
A person supposed to know everything but master of none
To leas astray
To misguide
To leap in the dark
Careless action
A man of means
A rich man
Off hand
Without preparation
Neck or nothing
With the use of everything
To pay the piper
To bear the cost
A rolling stone
One who is never constant to one’s work
To stir a finger
To make the best effort
To sow the dragon’s teeth
To do something
Street Arabs
Homeless and parentless children
To turn one’s head
To be proud
To and fro
Backwards and forwards
To while away
To pass in amusement
To win the palm
To win the prize
To wild up
To bring to an end
Wait upon
To serve
Wear and tear
Decrease in value due to constant use
Judas kiss
False love
Black ox
Donkey’s year
After a long time
An old flame
Sweat heart
To see pink elephants
To show courage
Blind alley
Unprofitable action
The heels of Achilles
The weak point in a person
Kangaroo court
Unofficial court
Lump in the throat
A highly emotional state
Fabien policy
Policy of  cautions persistence
A fly in the ointment
A problem in a situation
Mother wit
Common sense
A grass widow
A women whose husband is temporarily away from her
To make a pile
To make a fortune
A nignog
A fool
Kiss the rod
Accept the punishment
Itsy bitsy
Very small
In the nick of time
Just in time
In lieu of
In place of
In embryo
In under developing stage
A damsel in distress
A helpless woman
At case
Acquainted with
To meet someone

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