Monday, July 29, 2013

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 6

Showing wild oats
Going through a period of irresponsible pleasure seeking
The thin end of the wedge
The beginning of further concessions
To foot the bill
To pay
Breathing down
Watching all actions closely
At a lose end
Nothing to do
As ugly as sin
Exceptionally ugly
Elbow grease
Hard work
In a soup
In trouble
Gall and war mode
A source of anger
At a loss
To be confused
Sitting on the fence
Hesitate between two options
Pretty pass
In a difficulty
A bad business
An unfortunate event
Make no bone about
To admit something readily
Turn out crabs
End in failure
Devil’s advocate
On who is against the religion
Dance attendance upon
To Flatter
Go a begging
Go in vain
Grid up one’s lions
Get ready for the job
Run the gauntlet
Face criticism
Aegean stable
To remove on evil
Call one’s shots
Make intention clear
Tread on one’s toes
To give offense
Take time by the forelock
Prepare action before time
To steer clear of
To beat a retreat
To march back after a ceremonious parade
Under one’s own storm
With one’s own effort
In the sequel
Later on
A fifth columnist
Not for nuts
Under no circumstances
The fat end
The last part
A laughing stock
Looking ridiculous
Ad hock
For the special purpose
Bon voyage
A good journey for you
De, jure
Rightful , legal
Stave off
Awkward silence
Embarrassing silence
Travellers around the world
The thin end of the wedge
The beginning of further concessions
Tarred with same brush
Posses the same defects
To steal a march
Go broke
Become penniless
Set great store
Values greatly
Touch and go
Give A piece of mind
Breath down the neck
Watch all actions closely
Egg is egg
Quite certainly
Kick the bucket
To die
A brown study
Absorbed in reading
Fight shy
Avoid form a feeling of mistrust
Damp squib
An utter failure
Steer clear of
Brought to book
To punish
Pay by one’s nose
Pay dearly
In the dumps
In low spirits

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