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Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 13

To eat one’s terms
To study for the bar(law)
To bid fair
To seem likely
To fall aboard of
To start fighting/ quarrelling
To fall foul of
To quarrel
To chew the fat
To chat
To kill the fatted calf
To celebrate especially at a prodigal’s return
To ruffle somebody’s feather
To annoy somebody
To feel in one’s bone
To know or sense some thing intuitively
To snap one’s finger (at)
To show contempt for
To fish in troubled water
To try to win advantages for oneself from a disturbed state of affairs, to  take advantage of troubled or uncertain conditions for personal
gain n
To get into a flap
To be in a state of agitation , confusion, nervous, excitement etc.
The flesh
Physical or bodily desires , sensual appetites
To fly in the face of
To act in defiance of authority , facts , custom
To be nobody’s fool
To be wise
To fool around
To waste time
To the fore
To blow the gaff
To revel a secret
To get into bad odour
To become popular
Worth one’s weight in cold
To cook one’s goose
To ruin one’s chances or plans completely
Gravy train
Source of much or easy; money
Like grim death
Very firmly
To let one’s hair down
To behave informally
To hand in one’s cheeks
To die
To run with the hue and hunt with
the hounds
To be on good terms with both sides in a dispute
Hare and hound
Paper chase
To take up the hatchet
To prepare for or go to war
Heavy tidings
Bad news
Hell for leather
As quick as possible
Cat in hell’s chance
No chance at all
Like a bat out of hell
At top speed
High and mighty
A hill of beans
A thing of little value
to hoist with one’s own petard
To be caught in ones own trap
From the horse’s mouth
From a reliable source
To take issue
To be in disagreement
everyman jack
Everyone without exception
The cut of one’s jib
A person’s personal appearances or manner
To kick against the pricks
To hurt oneself by useless resistance
At the rate of knots
Very fast
The last straw
An addition to a task, burden, etc. Which strained ones patience to
the limit
To be all legs
To be a tall and very thin person
To have a hollow leg
To have a large appetite
A lick and a promise
A feeble attempt
Out on a limb
In a dangerous situation
To live by one’s wits
To get  money  by  ingenious  and  irregular  methods  not  necessarily
The devils own luck
Good luck
To have a memory like a sieve
To have a faint memory
Middle of the road
To have a monkey on one’s back
To be addicted to narcotic drug

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