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Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 14

The mote in somebody’s eye
A very minor mistake (of somebody)
To go through the motions
To work carelessly
In a muck
In an untidy situation
Not for nuts
Under no circumstances
To sport one’s oak
To keep one’s door close
Odd and even
Game of chance
to carry off the palm
To be victorious
To be par for the course
To be what one would expect to happen or expect somebody to do
To pay the debt of nature
To die
To     know     (somebody)      off     his pedestal
To show that he is no longer highly regarded
Penn y wise and  pound foolish
shaving small sums at the risk of large ones
To be in the picture
To be familiar with the matter
To pip(somebody) at the post
To defeat at the last moment
To stretch a point
To make an exception
Printer’s devil
The youngest apprentice in a printing office
To put out feelers
Cautiously check the views of others
a/the sixty four dollar question
An important question that is very difficult to answer
The quick and dead
All people alive or dead
In a flat spin
In a state of panic
To be the dead spit of
Exact counterpart or likeness of
To stew in one’s own juice
To suffer the consequences of one’s own action
To strike a chord
To say something that other people sympathize or identify with
To have the sun in one’s eye
To drink
A month of Sundays
A long period of time
to put to the sword
To kill
Not for all the tea in china
No matter how great the reward
The king of terror
As thick as thieves
Very friendly
The tip of the iceberg
Small but evident part of a much larger concealed situation
A man about town
A man who spends much time at fashionable parties, clubs, theatres
To lay someone under tribute
To impose tax on somebody
To swear like a trooper
To use very obscene or blasphemous language
To twiddle one’s thumb
To be idle
To be up before somebody
To appear in court
To take the veil
To become a nun
Beyond the veil
In the world high above
Null and void
Not legally binding , invalid
Waifs and strays
Homeless children, odds and even
Weal and woe
Prosperity and adversity
A wild cat strike
Illegal strike
Neck of the woods
Area, neighbourhood
Under duress
Look a gift horse in the mouth
Find fault with a gift
To bear up with
To endure
To strike one
To realise suddenly
Four days on end
For a long time
To drive home
To emphasize
Thrust down one’s throat
Remind repeatedly
Sing froid
To remain calm and composed in the difficult situation
Argus eye
Big draw
A huge attraction
Cog in the wheel
An important person
To seize the nettle
To deal with firmly

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