Monday, July 29, 2013

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 10

To catch a tartar
To  deal  with  someone  or  something  that  proves  unexpectedly
troublesome or powerful
Clean breast
Confessed without reserve
At close quarters
Close examinations
As fit as fiddle
Strong and healthy
At a loose end
Unoccupied , idle
At a loss
To be unable to decided
Assumes airs
To pretend to superiority
Bear the burnt of
To bear the main shock of
Bid defiance
To ignore
Break the news
To give the bad news
Beside oneself
To feel excessively
Bated breath
In anxiety , expectancy
Bandy words
To wrangle , to argue
Blue stocking
Educated but pedantic lady
Bring down the house
Receive applause
Brow beat
To bully
By dint of
By force of
Chip of the old block
Resembling one’s parents in habits
Cave in
Cloven off
The evil intention
Cut through
Cheek by jowl
Close together
Come to a pass
Difficult situation
Cock a snook
To show impudent contempt
Dutch courage
Bravery under alcoholic influence
Dare devil
Fearless person
Down and out
Poor and ruined
Draconian law
Extremely serve law
Die hard
Persistent in struggle
Days of reckoning
Time to answer for someone’s answer
Down in the mouth
out of elements
Damp squib
Complete failure
Dog in the manager
A person who prevent s others from enjoying what he cannot
Eke out
Supplement income
Ever and anon
Now and then , sometimes
Flesh and blood
Human nature
Flash in the pan
Sudden success
Fly in the face of
To defy
Get off scot free
To escape without punishment
Grid up the loins
To prepare for hard work
Give a wild berth
To avoid
Gentleman at large
Unreliable person
Give the devil his due
Give credit to a wordless person for his good qualities
Give up the ghost
Pass away, die
Go to the whole hog
To do something thoroughly
Go broke
Become bankrupt
Get down to brass tacks
To deal with the matter straight
Hold water
Sound , tenable
Have feet of clay
Full of faults
Look a gift house in the mouth
Criticize a gift
Lose one’s head
To be carried away
Latin and Greek
Make amends
To give compensation

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