Monday, July 29, 2013

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 7

Beat neck and crop
Hard nose
Tough and aggressive
In a real fix
In a difficult situation
In one’s elements
Feel relax and confident
Cold blood
Weigh the anchor
Prepare to sail again
To rise like a phoenix
To start afresh from a low position
To have cold feet
To be reluctant
Come cap in the hand
Very humble
Man of straw
At a low key
At reducing
At stake
In danger
To break the duck
To begin
A big shot
Important person
To put the cat among the pigeons
To be placed in a wrong situation
Cut the Gordian knot
To perform the difficult task
To gain the ground
To become more general
Through thick and thin
Under any circumstances
To kick up a row
To make great noise and fuss
To be at the end of one’s tether
To have no resources left
Odds and ends
Various article
To shoot a line one’s success
To exaggerate about
To feather one’s nest
To provide money even dishonestly
To black ball
Prevent from doing something
To be in the black(Of one’s money)
To be in credit
To make no bones about something
To do or say a thing openly if it is unpleasant
To foot the bill
To make payment
Cut no ice
To make no effect
Once and for all
Foe ever
Hole and corner policy
Improper policy
far and away
Face value
Bring home
To emphasise
To lead one by the nose
To cause to follow blindly
One’s cup of tea
What one likes and can do well
To have the floor
To make speech
The cock of the walk
The most dominant person in a group
A cuckoo in the nest
A child whose parentage is doubtful and may therefore not belong by
blood to the family
Feet of clay
To be weak or cowardly
A pig in poke
And article which was brought without previous inspection and which
turns out to be worth less than what one paid for it.
A Skelton in the cupboard
A past event which is kept secret by a family/ something embarrassing
or shameful
To scream blue murder
Make a great deal of noise and object vehemently
To run in the same groove
Advance in harmony
To lead others up the garden
To deceive others
To cut both ends
To argue in support of both sides of the issue
All the same
Nevertheless , but yet
Cut and dried
Settled , decided
Null and void
Invalid , without legal effect
Rough and ready
Not exact , only approximate
Short and sweet
Brisk , without delay
Clock and dagger
Like a spy
Runof‐ the mill
An average, an average , ordinary unexciting

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