Monday, July 29, 2013

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 12

In tatters
At a rate of knots
Raise somebody’s hackle
To make somebody angry
A bread and butter letter
An appointment letter
Take up the cudgels
To support somebody
As the crow flies
In a straight line
With in an ace of
falling, escaping by a narrow margin
To play the ape
To mimic,
to imitate to go ape over
To be extremely enthusiastic over
In the arms of Morpheus
In the lap of sleep
No vie like avarice
Greed is greater than any other vice
To get the axe
To be dismissed from a job
A man before the mast
A common sailor
All the better to
Same to
To back side
To fall back in morals
To back spear
To question in order to bring out some information
On the ball
Alert ,competent
To forbid the banns
To object the banns
To sell one a bargain
To befool someone
To have a bash at
To attempt something for the first time
To have bats in one’s belfry
To have crazy ideas , to be very peculiar or foolish
To be at one’s beds
To worship
To tell one’s beads
To day ones prayer
To bear away the palm
To win
A bear garden
A place or scene of tumult
Narrow bed
To bill and coo
To whisper endearments as lovers
To make one’s bow
To appear first time in publically
To brace oneself for
To prepare for something unpleasant or difficult
Brain sauce
Bread and cheese
Simple food
As snug as a bug in the rug
Very cosy and snug
On the bum
Living the life of a tramp
To bury one’s head in the sand
To avoid the reality
To mean business
To be serious
To care a damn/farthing
To have no care at all
To carry with one
To satisfy
A cast of the eye
A squint
To cast into the shade
To make less noticeable
To catch/clutch at a straw
To try any expedient however useless
To cast a chill over
To spread sadness
To serve with the colours
To be a member of the armed forces
To condemn to death
To award punishment of death
A gone coon
One whose case is hopeless
Till the cows come home
For a long time
To cross one’s mind
To occur , strike
To cry Halves
To claim with equal share
To cry stinking fish
To decry one’s own good
To cry shame upon
To oppose, to protest against
Off the cuff
Imparting information ,
on credit in ones cup
Under the influence of liquor
To cut somebody down
To kill somebody
To go to the devil
To fail completely
To die in shoes
To be murdered
A dog’s chance
No hope at all

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