Monday, July 29, 2013

Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 8

An armchair job
A regular job which is considered easy and wellpaid
Backstairs gossip
Gossip among servants
A close fisted man
A mean or stingy man
A curtain lecture
The scolding of a husband by his wife in private
Elbow room
Room on opportunity to move and act freely
Forty winks
Short sleep
An ivory tower
A place or state of life that is out of touch with people and reality
A latchkey child
A child who returns from school etc. To and empty house because both parents working
Soft soap
The bill of fare
The menu
An eye on the main chance
Looks after his won welfare
Esprit de corps
Make a wry face
Show disappointment
For a consideration
Paid to do something
To give currency to
To pay much attention to
Blue blood
An aristocrat
At one’s wit’s end
To be completely confused
To hold a candle to
To be nearly as good as someone in his/her absence
Black sheep
An unworthy person
Out and out
Not to mince matters
To speak our frankly
To play with
Rainy days
Unlucky times
To fly off the handle
To get into a rage and lose selfcontrol
The alpha and the omega
The beginning and the end
End in smoke
To give no practical result
Mincing manners
Not to speak plainly
Hanky –panky
Hot head
The fighter
Have a go
Make an attempt
Mince one’s words
Choose term carefully
Be in the mire
Be in difficulties
Let on
To get along
To manage to
Make too much of
Lay bare
Stem from
On the nod
On credit
To take a occasion
To rake advantage of and opportunity
Take it ill
Too be offended
Extinct and obsolete
As dead as a dodo
In a delicate state
Hanging in balance
In abeyance
In suspension
With might and main
With full vigour
In a jam
In trouble
To get at
On the wane
Growing less
At a loss
To be puzzled
At all events
As a rule
At sixes and sevens
In disorder
All the same
To egg on
To urge on
To drive at
To employ

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