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Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 15

Took exception to
Object to
To pass the buck
To pass the responsibility
Leaps and bounds
Bids fair
Seem likely
Backstairs influence
Underhand means
Worth of salt
Of value
Make a wry face
Show disappointment
Flesh and blood
At a premium
Valued highly
Speak volumes
Serve as strong testimony to
Get a kick
Get a thrill
To curry favour
Gain favour
On the cards
Wipe the nose
To Cheat
Family way
Have an eye
Have an extra talent
Keep your nose clean
Keep out of trouble
Small talk
Light conversation
Botch something up
To mess something up, to do a bad job of something
Come to a head
To reach a crisis
See through the design
Be aware of the trick
To a hair
Held in camera
Not open to the public
Prodigal son
Die in harness
Die while still working
Take people inn
Cheat people
Carry off of the feet
Wild with excitement
Like a fish out of water
In troubled situation
Running riot
Behaving wild
Hard of hearing
Jew’s eye
A possession of high value
In a nutshell
In a simple and brief manner
To carry the can
Accept the blame
Every lecture’s cup of tea
What one likes and can do well
Put/Throw an spanner in the works
To do something that prevents a plan or activity from succeeding
A scarlet women
A whore , a prostitute
To rate soundly
Censure strongly
Bad blood
Angry feeling
Carrot and stick
Reward and punishment
Through thick and thin
Through days of struggle
Straight from the shoulder
Without evasion
Come down from ivory towers
Detachment and seclusion
Bite the dust
To meet half way someone
Come to a compromise with someone
Put some one to mettle
Arouse some one to do his best
Take heart
Cheered up
Falling foul of
Quarrelling with
Take up the cudgels for
Defend vigorously
High words
Angry words
Green horn
Ere long
Turn the coat
Change the party
Play ducks and drakes with

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