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Doubts Clarification Before SSC CGL Re-Exam 2013

Hello everyone. Today is 19th July so Only 24 hours are left for Big Test "The CGL Tier-1".

This is the time when you experience tension. As a result, your mind ask many questions. Today, we are providing the answers of your so called "Frequently Asked Questions" with the motive of helping you.

If you have more queries, Ask us through comments. We will answer your queries.

FAQ before SSC CGL Re-Exam 2013
(1) Will the difficulty level of questions be same as that of paper held on 27/4/2014 in 7 cities?

       Ans - Yes definitely. You can expect even much easy questions in this exam(20th july 2014).

(2) I need the post of Asst. MEA but i have mistakenly filled it as last preference. Is there any way to change it?
   Ans - Unfortunately, there is no option to change your preference now. Hard luck.

(3) I am taking more than 20 min to fill the bubbles during exam and thus losing atleast 10 minutes of y precious time. Is there any faster way to fill the bubble?
Ans - Try to fill the bubble as soon as you figure out the answer of question. I will advise you to use a pen with borader nip. it will help you to fill the omr sheet faster.

(4) What was the cutoff of tier 2 last year for group b and c post?
Ans - There is no specific cutoffs for tier 2. SSC create a combined cutoff which comprises of the marks of tier 1 and tier 2 exams. It means, if you performed well in tier 1, it will help you in tier 2 as well. Cutoff marks for getting good CGL job is 400 out of 600.

(5) What was the highest marks in Tier 1 and Tier 2 last year?
Ans - Previous year, the highest marks in tier 1 was 169 while maths highest in tier 2 was 196.

(6) I have revised almost everything in English except Direct-Indirect Speech and Active-Passive voice. Do i need to take a look at that?
Ans - No need to prepare for these topics as they mostly comes in tier 2 of English. If you have already studied these topics then revise them otherwise leave them.

(7)What is the difference between Group C and Group B officers in SSC?
Ans -As per salary, there is not much difference. For example- an Enforcement officer and Income tax officer both comes in grade pay 4600 but they come from group B and C respectively. The only difference is in terms of promotion. In terms of promotion, Group B offcers are better.

(8)In Science, on what topics i should focus to get better marks in Tier 1?
Ans -Focus more on Biology as most of the questions are from Bio Part. Lucent and Arihant books are best.  

(9) I score more than 100 in almost all Mock Tests. Is it a good score?
Ans - It depends upon the level of mock test papers you are solving. If the level is good, marks above 100 is considered good.

(10) What will be the expected cutoff of Tier 1 exam of SSC CGL Re-Exam 2013 which will be conducted on 20th July 2014?
Ans - We are expecting the cut-off as 97-99 for general candidates, 85-89 for OBC students.

If you have more queries, Ask us through comments. We will answer your queries.

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