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Very Important Idiom and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam

Idiom and Phrases is an important topic for SSC CGL exam. You can easily get 5 marks in Tier-1 exam. It can also help you in Tier-2 exam as well. In order to help you, I am publishing the list of very Important Idiom and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam. However, I am publishing it in five parts. This is the first part.

           Idiom                                   Meaning
  1. Above board - Honest and open
  2. At arms length - To keep at a distance
  3. At the eleventh hour - At the last moment
  4. At sixes and sevens - In a disordered manner
  5. An apple of discord - A cause of quarrel
  6. At home - Comfortable
  7. Alpha and omega - The beginning and the end
  8. At sea - Confused and lost
  9. At one’s beck and call - At one’s service
  10. An acid test - A critical test
  11. Add fuel to the fire - To aggravate the situation
  12. At a snail’s pace - Very slowly
  13. To beat about the bush - Talk irrelevantly
  14. A bone of contention - A source of quarrel
  15. To burn one’s boats - Go back on a decision
  16. To burn candle at both ends - To waste lavishly
  17. To build castles in the air - Make imaginary schemes
  18. A bolt from the blue - Something unexpected
  19. By leaps and bounds - Rapidly
  20. A burning question - An important topic
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