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One Word Substitution Question Answers for SSC CGL Exam

  1. ABATTOIR :   A place where animals  are slaughtered.
  2. ACCOMPLICE :   A partner in crime. 
  3. AESTHETE :   A   person  with   a  highly developed sense of  beauty. 
  4. AFFLUENT :   Wealthy; having abundance of money.
  5. AGORAPHOBIA :   Unreasonable fear of  open spac es.
  6. ALLEVIATE :   To  lessen , make less severe.
  7. ALTRUIST :   One who does good  work for others without thought of personal  gain.
  8. AMBIDEXTROUS :   Able to use the left hand as well as the right.
  9. AMBIGUOUS :   A word or statement  which can  be  interpreted  in  two ways.
  10. ANACHRONISM :   That which appears to be in the wrong period. 
  11. ANGLOPHILE :   An admirer of the  English people, language,  manners or way of life.
  12. ANGLOPHOBE :   One    w ho    dislikes    the English and England. 
  13. ARMISTICE :   An   agreement   to stop fighting in a war.
  14. ARISTOCRACY :   A government run by the rich and the elite people; a class of well-born  people
  15. ARTISTE :   Professional singer, dancer etc. ATHEIST :   A  person  who  does   not believe in the existence of God.
  16. AUTOCRACY :   A  government  w here  the power is  concentrated in the hands of one person. 
  17. AUTOPSY :   Medical examination  of  a dead  body.
  18. BANKRUPT :   A person who cannot  pay his debts.
  19. BARBARIAN :   An uncivilized person.
  20. BARRICADE :   Hastily    erected barrier across a street.
  21. BELLIGERENT :   On e  who  is  engaged  infighting a battle or war. 
  22. BIBLIOGRAPHY :   A list of writings on a subject. 
  23. BIBLIOPHILE :   One who loves books. 
  24. BIOGRAPHY :   The story of a person’s life. 
  25. BLASPHEMOUS :   On e   who    is   irreverent towards God.
  26. BREVITY :   Briefness;   shortness of  time.
  27. BREWERY :   A place where beer is made.
  28. BUREAUCRACY :   A government run by  civil servants.
  29. CALLIGRAPHY :   The art  of  beautiful  hand writing.
  30. CARDIOLOGIST :   A  doctor  specializing  in matters relating to the heart.
  31. CATHOLICITY :   Broad  o outlook , free from prejudice.

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