Thursday, May 1, 2014

Important Idiom and Phrases for Upcoming SSC CGL Exam - Part 3

This list contains the third part of our Important Idiom and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam. we have already provided you a large list of Important Idioms and Phrases. Without wasting your time, check the below given list.

  1. Bring to light - Disclose
  2. Burn one’s fingers - Get into trouble by interfering in other’s affairs
  3. Laugh one’s head off - Laugh heartily
  4. Chew the cud - Ponder over something
  5. Hard and fast rules - Strict rules
  6. Play second fiddle - Take an unimportant partRank and file - Ordinary persons
  7. By fits and starts - In short periods, not regularly
  8. A wee bit - A little
  9. Out of the wood - Free from difficulties and dangers
  10. Under his thumb - Under his control
  11. At one’s wits end - In a state where one does not know what to do
  12. Between the devil and the deep sea - Between two dangers
  13. Burn the midnight oil - Work or study hard
  14. Call a spade a spade - Speak frankly and directly
  15. Come off with flying colours - Be highly successful
  16. Hoping against hope - Without hope
  17. Hit the nail on the head - Do or say the exact thing
  18. An axe to grind - A personal interest in the matter
  19. Spread like wild fire - Spread quickly
  20. The gift of the gab - Talent for speaking

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