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Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 4

This is the last part of our series Important Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam. SSC CGL 2014 exam is not far away. If your preparation is not upto that mark, check the complete list of our Important Idioms and Phrases. I am sure that you would be able to solve such questions in exam with ease.

  1. Throw out of gear - Disturb the work
  2. Tooth and nail - With all one’s power
  3. Take to one’s heels - Run away
  4. Die in harness - Die while in service
  5. Out of the way - Strange
  6. Read between the lines - Understand the hidden meaning
  7. In cold blood - Deliberately; without emotion
  8. Show a clean pair of heals - Run away
  9. A thorn in the flesh - A constant source of annoyance
  10. Smell a rat - Suspect something foul
  11. Nip in the bud - Destroy in the early stage
  12. Out of the question - Impossible
  13. Stick to one’s guns - Remain faithful to the cause
  14. A man of straw - A man of no substance
  15. Leave no stone unturned - Use all available means
  16. Harp on the same string - Dwell on the same subject
  17. Take a leaf out of one’s book - Imitate one
  18. Like a fish out of water - In a strange situation
  19. At one’s beck and call - Under his control
  20. Bury the hatchet - End the quarrel and make peace
  21. Feather one’s own nest - Make money unfairly
  22. Leave one in the lurch - Desert one in difficulties; leave one in a helpless condition
  23. To eat humble pie - To apologize humbly; to yield under humiliating circumstances
  24. To eat your words - To take back what you have said
  25. To make both ends meet - To live within one’s income
  26. In high spirits - Very happy
  27. Kill two birds with one stone - To achieve two results with one effort
  28. Let the cat out of the bag - Reveal a secret
  29. Put the cart before the horse - Put or do things in the wrong order
  30. A hard nut to crack - A difficult problem
  31. In hot water - In trouble
  32. Wash one’s dirty linen in Public - Discuss unpleasant private matters before strangers
  33. On tenterhooks - In a state of suspense and anxiety
  34. To all names - To abuseTo get rid of - Dispose of
  35. At daggers drawn - Bitterly hostile
  36. To play ducks and drakes - To act foolishly or inconsistently
  37. To take the bull by the horns - To tackle a problem in a bold and direct fashion
  38. Rain cats and dogs - Rain heavily
  39. To move heaven and earth - To make a supreme effort
  40. No avail - Without any result
  41. Bark up the wrong tree - Accuse or denounce the wrong person
  42. Keep one at bay - Keep one at a distance
  43. Make a clean breast of it - Confess – especially when a person has done a wrong thing
  44. Have a card up one’s sleeve - Have a secret plan in reserve
  45. Like a cat on hot bricks - Very nervous
  46. Cat and dog life - Life full of quarrels
  47. Cock and bull story - Made up story that one should not believe
  48. Cry for the moon - Ask for the impossible
  49. The pros and cons - The various aspects of a matter in detail
  50. Be in a tight corner - In a very difficult situation
  51. Keep one’s fingers crossed - The anxiety in which you hope that nothing will upset your plans

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