Thursday, May 1, 2014

Extremely Important Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL Exam - Part 2

Below given list of Idioms and Phrases are extremely Important for SSC CGL Exam which is not far away. This is the second part of Important Idioms and Phrases.

  1. To bell the cat - To face the risk
  2. A big gun - An important person
  3. To blow one’s own Trumpet - To praise one’s own Achievement
  4. A bosom friend - A very close friend
  5. A brown study - Dreaming
  6. A close shave - Narrow escape
  7. To cut a sorry figure - To make a poor show
  8. Take one to task - Rebuke
  9. Turn a deaf ear - Disregard / ignore what one says
  10. By hook or by crook - By fair or foul means
  11. Gain ground - Become popular
  12.  Pay off old scores - Take revenge
  13. Put a spoke in one’s wheel - To upset one’s plans
  14. Turn over a new leaf - Change for the better
  15. Make up one’s mind - Decide
  16. In the long run - Eventually; ultimately
  17. In the nick of time - Just at the last moment
  18. Through thick and thin - Under all conditions
  19. With a high hand - Oppressively
  20. Sitting on the fence - Hesitate between two decisions
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