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Practice Paper: Important Coding-Decoding Questions for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam

General Awareness or Reasoning Paper is an important part of SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam because it doesn't consume your time. In this section you will find Questions from Coding-Decoding section as well. Check your preparation level by solving below given questions. 

Answers are given at the end of this post.
Important Coding-Decoding Questions for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam

Q1. In a certain code, TERMINAL is written as SDQLIOBM. How is CREDIBLE writer in that code?
(a)    BQDCICMF                                   (b) DSFEJCMF
(c)    BQDCHAKD                                  (d) DSFEHAKD

Q2. In a certain code, BOXER is written as AQWGQ. How is VISIT written in that code?
                                 (a)UKRKU                                            (b) UKRKS
                                (c) WKRKU                                           (d) WKRKS

Q3. If LINGER is 123456 and FORCE is 56789 then FIERCE is
(a)    345667                                      (b) 456678
(c) 345677                                        (d) 556789

Q4. If BRASS is coded as 63516 then SIR will be coded as
(a)    631                               (b) 315
(c)  536                                (d) 617

Q5. If BEST is coded as VYMN then DTCP will be coded as
                              (a) WNVI                                 (b) XNWJ
                              (C) XMWJ                                (d) XNWL

Q6. If PINTU is coded as 80 then PRIYA will be coded as
                             (a) 79                               (b) 69
                            (c) 89                                (d) 59

Q7. In a certain code, ZUBIN is written as ATCHO .How is MEHTA written in that code?
                             (a) NDIUB                         (b) NDISB
                             (C) NDGSB                        (d) NDHSI

Q8. If KRISHNA is coded as PIRHSMZ then RADHA will be coded as
                             (a) KZWSD                          (b) IZWSZ
                            (c) IZWMZ                            (d) IZWSB

Q9. If AT=20 , BAT =40 then CAT will be equal to
                   (a) 30                                     (b) 50
                    (c) 60                                    (d) 70

Q 10. If FLARE is coded as 21,15,26,9,22. How would BRIEF be coded in the same language
                       (a) 25, 9,22,21,18                                           (b) 5,37,11,19,13
                       (c) 13,19,11,37,5                                             (d) 25,9,22,18,21

Answers of Above Questions



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