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Physics: Important Facts related to Planets for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam

Physics: Important Facts related to Planets for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam

  1. Equal days and Nights: 21st March and 23rd September
  2. The Longest Day :21st June
  3. The shortest Day: 22nd December
  4. Time taken by the Sunlight to reach the Earth: About 8 minutes
  5. The Earth rotates round its own axis(Rotation) from West to East once in 24 hours.The main effect of the rotation is that the days and nights are formed.
  6. The earth revolves round the sun in about 365 and a quarter days.

Important Facts about Planets
  1. Planet nearest to Sun : Mercury
  2. Hottest Planet : Venus
  3. Earth's Nearest Neighbour : Venus
  4. Mysterious Planet : Mars
  5. Largest Planet and the Largest number of satellites(112)- Jupiter
  6. Planet with bright rings : Saturn
  7.  Coldest Planet : Neptune(since pluto is not a planet now)
  8. Brightest Planet :Venus
  9. Most distant Planet : Pluto
  10. Planet without satellite: Mercury,Venus
  11. Smallest Planet : Mercury

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  1. Hi All,

    I want you to correct your answers for the question Smallest and Coldest Planet under "Important Facts about Planets". As it's been proved that Pluto is not a planet so why the answer is given as Pluto as smallest and coldest PLANET?

    1. Thanks for your suggestion . The data has been corrected now.


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