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Indian History: List of Important Foreign Travellers for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam

  • Megasthenes(320 - 298 B.C) - An ambassador of Seleucus Nicator, Who visited the court of Chandragupta Maurya. He wrote "Indika" in which he gave a vivid account of Chandragupta Maurya's reign.

  • Diemechos : The Greek ambassador, who came to the court of Bindusara.

  • Fa- hian(405- 411 A.D) - He was the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India during the reign of Chandragupta II(Vikramaditya). The objective of his visit was to see the holy places of Buddhism and to collect Buddhist books and relics.

  • Hiuan-Tsang(630-645 A.D)- A Chinese pilgrim, visited India during the reign of Harsha.

  • Al-Beruni(1024 - 1030 A.D) - He came to India along with Mahmud Ghazni. He wrote a book "Tahqiq-i-Hind"

  • Marco-Polo(1292-1294 A.D) - A ventian traveller, who visited South India, particularly the Pandya Kingdom on his way to China. He gave an invaluable account of the economic history of India.

  • Ibn- Batuta(1333- 1347 A.D)- A Moroccan who lived at the court of Muhammad-bin-Tuglaq for eight years. He wrote "Rehla".

  • Vasco-da-Gama -A Portuguese sailor succeeded in reaching the port of Calicut rounding the Caps of Good Hope in 1498 A.D.

  • Ralph Fitch(1583-1591 A.D)- He was an English Traveller.

  • Sir Thomas Roe(1615- 1619)- An ambassador of James I, King of England at the court of Jahangir.

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