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Easiest Trick for Solving Blood Relation Problems in Reasoning

Blood Relation Problems are quite confusing for Students. They get confused after viewing questions like " A's uncle is B's aunt's grandfather's uncle...bla bla bla..". Believe me, If you don't know the trick, you will face problem.
In this post, I will provide you a written as well as a video tutorial for solving Blood Relation Problems. Before you start solving Blood relation Problems, You must remember below given data:

  1. Mother's or father's son - Brother
  2. Mother's or father's daughter -  Sister
  3. Mother's or father's brother-  Uncle
  4. Mother's or father's sister - Aunt
  5. Mother's or father's father - Grandfather
  6. Mother's or father's mother - Grandmother
  7. Son's wife-  Daughter-in-law
  8. Daughter's husband - Son-in-law
  9. Husband's or wife's sister - Sister-in-law
  10. Husband's or wife's brother - Brother-in-law
  11. Brother's son - Nephew
  12. Brother's daughter  - Niece
  13. Uncle or aunt's son or daughter -  Cousin
  14. Sister's husband - Brother-in-law
  15. Brother's wife -Sister-in-law
  16. Grandson's or Grand daughter's daughter-  Great Grand daughter

Normally, three types of questions are asked in SSC CGL Tier-1 exam. They are given below:

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